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Bulb Drop.

The pandemic forced us to postpone our Empty Bowls fundraiser, but we didn’t “drop the bulb”...yet! 😏 Be a part of the OHgo Bulb Drop by clicking or texting OHGO2020 to 419-664-4980! For every donation, we’ll drop a flower bulb in front of our Perkins Ave fence. 🌹 Come Spring, the flowers in bloom will represent all of the families we are able to help with your support. Help us reach our goal of 200,000 meals in 2021! 💙 Two more fun facts: the flower fence will become open to the community for “cut your own flowers” and we will be hanging a personalized giving charm, on the fence, for each who donates to show our community support! 🏅 #bulbdrop2020 #feedthechange


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