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mobile food pantry

We take food on the move by setting up choice pantries in local neighborhood parks and streets!

Project pumpkin give

Our truck will turn into a mobile pumpkin patch and families will choose a pumpkin and get donuts!


Real Christmas trees and stands will be delivered door-to-door in our mobile tree lot to families in need.

Project happy Christmas

Shoeboxes filled with gift items, treats and toiletries will be delivered door-to-door at Christmas time.


Project book-give

Children visit the bookmobile in their neighborhood and take free books & literacy packets home.

Speaking events at camps and schools to address issues such as self-esteem!


discovery parks

Art based mobile walls will be temporarily set up in parks throughout the community to allow kids to engage in creative ways.

block party

Food, games, entertainment will be provided for a neighborhood community!

Check out upcoming events here.


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