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OneK1ndAct Takes OFF!

We are so excited to announce our new kindness curriculum has officially launched in our pilot school system, Perkins! Each school in the district will be pledging to kindness via community projects, teamwork and random acts of kindness! OneK1ndact focuses on the positivity behind kind acts- instead of focusing on the negative acts. If we can fill the world with kindness and smiles we can weed out all of the negativity one kind act at a time! We even have onekindact pledge walls displayed in local businesses!

One piece of the OKa curriculum is the ability to nominate kind people doing kind things! Our very first oka kindness winner was Jaymes- a local boy who noticed his friends shoes were falling apart so he gave him a pair of his lebron james sneakers! We gathered local police and fire fighters, the city manager, his school teachers and principal and other organizations to show up at Jaymes house and deliver a oka wristband and pizza party in his honor! What a start to a great movement in erie county!

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