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Empty Bowls is going Virtual!

This year OHgo turns 7! From now until our birthday, October 2nd, we are inviting you to give an amount using any combinations of the numbers in our birthdate. 10/2/2015…$25, $501, $102…you get the idea! ;) Read below about how Empty Bowls is tied in, then click here to give:

Everyone who gives a gift of $50 or more, will be gifted a hand painted bowl, painted by groups in our community. Some by local artists, mission teens, some by friends you may even k now. First come, first serve, We have 250 bowls! The empty bowls serve as a reminder of all the bowls (households) we will be able to fill with food because of you! As you use yours in your home, remember how thankful we are for your support!

*At the donation link, you can choose the pick-up option or choose for an OHgo volunteer to pass on your bowl to a friend at one of our pantry in the park events.

The food insecurity crisis has deepened and the pandemic added to the increase in need. Here’s some of the increase OHgo has encountered in the last two years and what has been possible with your help:

- from 1500 to now 4000 people served each month.

- from 140 to now 400 senior food boxes delivered to doors.

- from 1 school pantry to now 14 local school pantries.

- between 400-500 children served through our kid pantry in the parks each summer.

- Increased fresh produce distribution to 1,596,000 pounds passed out to those in need in just one year.

- Working innovatively and proactively to launch the first of many food pharm pantries hosted inside health clinics to battle chronic disease and hunger. Be on the lookout for exciting updates!

We thank YOU for choosing to make a difference where you live!

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