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Everything in between

We’ve shared a little of what it’s been like to experience a dramatic increase during a pandemic. We often share calendar events and stats and share the big news. But, truth is, not one big leap would ever exist without a thousand small consistent movements, choices, and commitments. Those things no one sees.

Every day (for a bit) we will snap and post an image that captures those every day moments- what we like to call “Everything in Between”.

Here’s a visual of what may seem like the mundane circumstances- but look, there’s a beautiful fruit there in the labor. It’s in the seemingly small consistent details that significant transformation is born. With each click over the next few days, we hope to show that every contributor matters, to show the testament of not giving up, and to shine a light on the little things.

Thank you to everyone for each small act done with great love. #everythinginbetween


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