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Feed the Change

Plant a seed. Feed the change.

We’ve extended the OHgo Bulb Drop until Oct 14th! So many acts of love sent in already- 50 yards of the flower fence has been planted, only 10 more yards to go! We’ve reached 33,750 meals and hope to make that over 40,000!

🌺 Every $20 donation (provides 75 meals to local families)- and we drop a flower bulb. Every $100 donation (375 meals)- and we drop a row!

or text OHGO2020 to 419-664-4980

Come spring, all the flowers in bloom will be a reminder of the families we are able to share with because of your gift! The fence will also be open to the community for cut your own flowers. #loveinaction #bulbdrop #feedthechange

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