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Let’s Ketchup :)

Time for a catch-up!

Before we Spring ahead, we want to take a quick look back. What a season it has been!

🚌 School pantries! Did you know OHgo now has a pantry in 10 local schools to provide a more rapid response to students.

🏫 The Mills school community pantry is reopened on every 2nd and 4th Wednesday from 4:30-5:30pm.

🍎 We’ve continued additional fresh food distributions! You can now find us at the Sandusky Mall parking lot every Wednesday for “Be Well Wednesdays” from 3:30-5 with fresh food boxes.

🌻The community flower fence is starting to bloom! Remember the Bulb Drop last Fall? We are excited to see what pops up!

🗓 It’s been a full year since we increased the amount of food distributed due to the pandemic crisis. From last March to present, enough food for 782,353 meals has been shared. We’re moving into 2021 with continued hope and dedication.

🕺🏻We’ve gained so many new friends as volunteers came together to meet the growing need.

We look forward to being able to see those smiles that’ve been behind the masks, sharing a hug, and talking even more in person soon! Until then, we can still catch-up, so tell us...what have you been up to? How have you been? And know that we are always thinking of you and looking forward to breakthrough! ☀️


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