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Thank you!

Isn’t this so cool?!?

1- As part of the Farmers to Families assistance program, OHgo has been able to distribute 20,080 food boxes since May (above and beyond our regular distributions and deliveries). First, in partnership with the amazing Chef’s Garden and now in collaboration with CityServe, @faith church, Hope Church Bellevue, and Church on the North Coast- we will be able to continue serving even more!

2- the OHgo Bulb Drop fundraiser was a great success! Thank YOU!! The entire 60 yards of fence was planted with beautiful bulbs, and enough donations brought in to provide 35,000 meals! We will post soon once the donor giving tags begin to be hung along the fence to show our awesome community’s support. Can’t wait to see all the blooms this Spring! What a beautiful symbol that will be each year of our families and friends who need not worry where their next meal will come from because of your love in action! 🥰 Want to still give?- hey we aren’t stopping you! 😉 We need it now more than ever! You can make a donation anytime through our website


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