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‘Tis the season...

With the year we had, why not release something to boost our spirits a little early 😉 Christmas is love in action- and PROJECT HAPPY is one great way to spread that

love all around! Read carefully below for details:

🎁 This year we are excited to continue our partnership with Erie County Community Foundation+ Randolph J & Estelle M Dorn Foundation to help provide teen gifts and we are continuing the diaper drop. We are excited to include all ages of children and teens!

✂️Please wrap the bottom of your gift and the lid to your gift box (shoebox or small

tote) separately so gifts can be checked before delivery. You may use a rubber band

to secure. Thank you!

🖊 To sign up to be a part of a delivery team this year, and to print brochures or labels

for your shoebox gifts, visit:

🌲Completed boxes can be dropped off by DEC 17 with your child to their participating

school (Huron City Schools, Perkins Local Schools, Edison Local School District) or to a Drop Spot in Erie County:

Faith Church (T-TH 10a-2p), Mikey's FROYO, Starbucks (4912 Milan Rd, Sandusky, OH), Barra Restaurant Sandusky, Huron Police Association, gathering grounds

Huron County Drop Spots:

(To be Posted Soon!)

🎥 New Departure Films


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