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We can’t cancel hope!

Between our mobile pantries, Mills pantry, kid pantries, and senior food box deliveries we on average support about 370 families, or about 787 individuals weekly. That number has jumped to 2544 individuals in just one week. Over 200 Erie County families who have never had to use a food pantry before, visited us tonight. We know well the stress this short time already has brought about, but it has also brought out the best in people. Many gatherings have been cancelled, jobs halted, businesses temporarily closed. But so many have stepped up to the front lines, are supporting a student’s learning, or checking on an elderly neighbor. You can’t cancel hope. Goodness can not be halted. And love will not cease. Lean into that, friends. ❤️

P.S. We are constantly evaluating after each event to see how we can better serve. This is an unknown time and we will try to be as prepared as we are able to. Watch for added pantry events soon! #peoplehelpingpeople #foodonthemove #goforgood


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