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We’re having a party!

While we slow the spread of the virus we plan to speed up the spread of joy, hope and happiness! GET READY TO PARTY because tomorrow (3/22) kicks off our SUNDAY FUNDAY PARTY PARADE! Every Sunday for the next 8 weeks, the OHgo truck will be traveling through the following neighborhoods at the times below. EVERYONE is invited to step out on your porch, open the windows, dance in your own yard as we turn up the party music and drive through. WE WELCOME WEEKLY SPONSORS TO KEEP HOPE ALIVE (see very end of this post for instructions).

If we see you out front of your door, we will drop a bag of safely packed party goodies at the end of your drive way, filled with things like party masks, clappers, ribbon twirlers, bubbles, poster boards and markers... everything you need to party from the front of your house with us! Please don’t run up to the truck or others. Each week we will let you know what the theme will be so you can dress-up ahead of time, if you’d like, and make a positive themed poster to wave. See below for this week’s theme and locations/times. The locations won’t change, with the exception we might add one or two but we will let you know.

THIS SUNDAY (3/22) is COLORFUL CARNIVAL WEEK! Dress up in all the colors of the rainbow and step outside, when you hear the music, for the drive-by party at your time below:

4:30-5:00pm- Orlando pace park (sunnyside) neighborhood + Farewell St.

5:05-5:30pm- East side downtown streets

5:35-5:55pm- Nehemiah center (old Campbell school) neighborhood + Hayes Ave

6:00-6:30pm- camp st, Mills school neighborhood, churchwell/MacArthur park

6:35-6:50pm- New Jerusalem/Ebenezer church neighborhood

6:55-7:20pm Wilbert park + harbor blvd area

*Party bags will include items such as noise makers, candy, beads or leis to use during the party parade that day. The posters and markers you get each week are for you to decorate for the following Sunday.

*comment songs you’d like to hear on our party playlist! 😁🤩

*upcoming themes to look forward to: party animals, heroes, Easter, magical, western, cinco de Mayo, pirate/princess... if we miss your street, feel free to follow our themes as you party with your family at home.

Can’t wait to party with you!! Even if you don’t have kids in the house- step outside your door or open the windows and party along. There’s no age requirement to safely party from your home! 😉😉❤️

SPONSOR INFO: Funday Sunday Sponsors that want to help us spread joy through our city- you can do so by clicking here: and by doing so, we will display your family, business or organization’s decorated poster board, thanking your sponsorship, on the outside of our traveling truck during the parade that week.


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